Pastoral care for clergy and families

Retirement Grants

for those who have served at least 15 years in TABCOM

Continuing Education Grants

Emergency Financial Grants

Training and Certifying American Baptist Interim Ministers

Annual Convocation

Prayer Retreats

Workshops and Dialogue Programs

Continuing Education Grants

$300 every other year for Participating Members
Applications are to be in by June 30

Retirement Grants

For service in TABCOM for 15 – 25 years with ABC/USA Standing

Please consider the future needs of the clergy
when planning your estate and your year end giving.

The Interim Ministry Committee

Trains and Certifies Interim Ministers for TABCOM
Maintains the Approved Interim Ministry List for TABCOM

George H. Sinclair, Jr., chair
Anita Farber-Robertson
John H. Minott
Linda Lea Snyder
Cynthia Smothers
Michael Harvey, staff

Interim Ministry Books
“What Do We Do Next?” and “The Interim Minister’s Handbook”
On CD Rom and downloadable

For Application for the Approved Interim Ministry List

and/or the Interim Ministry Books


Michael Harvey

National Ministers Council