The Conference of Baptist Ministers in Massachusetts

has been promoting “the union of usefulness” of American Baptist clergy

since 1829 - 188 years.

Though we have a rich history, we are facing challenging realities in the 21st century.


How do we promote the union and usefulness of the clergy

in these new realities?


• We are developing our programs and grants to be helpful in these new realities.

• We are working to lead the clergy in thinking together about the new realities we face.

• We are developing an active board to stay in touch with all our clergy.

• We are building networks for mutual care and connection.

My mission is to think together with the clergy

about developing a definition of our calling

that will help us speak and live the Good News of Jesus in the new realities of our time.


What has come from our thinking together in the last few years

about clerical leadership?


• The Clergy will work with the people of the churches to become New Covenant communities.

• The Clergy will work with the people to find their voices of interpretation of the Word of God.

• The Clergy will work with the people to find their gifts for ministry in the realities of our age.

• The Clergy will work with the churches to think together, interpret and act in these new challenges.

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