1. I will suspend my point of view as the only point of view.

  • I am willing to put my point of view alongside other points of view as one among many to be compared, contrasted, and considered.
  • I will make my point of view available for analysis along with those of others.

2. I will regard the other participants as partners.

  • I want the benefits of dialogue more than I want to hold onto the privilege of rank.
  • I will respect every person and every point of view.
  • I will practice active listening.
  • I will not interrupt.

3. I will practice respectful inquiry.

  • I will respond kindly and gently to what others say.
  • I will ask respectful questions.
  • I will be open to seeing new possibilities.

4. I will be a part of creating a safe container for thinking together.

  •  I will listen to the potential of this group.
  •  I will not judge what is said.
  •  I will speak truth, as I understand it, with love.
  •  I will make room for points of view that are not my own.

5. A facilitator will help the participants to own the dialogue.

  • A good facilitator will keep the dialogue moving.
  • A good facilitator is helpful but does not take the role of the expert.
  • The participants are responsible for the process.

A Covenant for Conversation