Roscoe C. Robison is known to most people as “Rocky”. Clarence Jordan of the “Cotton Patch New Testament”, translates the name, “Peter”,  Jesus gave to Simon, as “Rocky”. Rocky Robison does not have the “foot in the mouth” temperament of Simon Peter. His temperament seems to be informed by Paul’s commands, “Rejoice always, give thanks in everything, pray without ceasing”.  But, like Peter, he is a great confessor of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. He is also an apostle in the original sense of that word, “one sent out.”

Rocky grew up on a dairy farm near Oswego, Kansas. He grew up working hard on the farm, learning the values of labor and faithfulness..  His family were devoted members of the Baptist church in Oswego. He was also active in sports and an excellent student in high school. Rocky answered the call to ordained ministry at a church camp. He graduated from Ottawa College, an American Baptist college in Kansas. . He met his life partner, Nina at Ottawa. They have been married in a beautiful partnership for 73 years. They have two children.

When he was 22, Rocky began serving in the Navy as a Chaplain. Afterwards, He graduated from Andover-Newton Theological School. He was and is a loyal American Baptist, and chose Andover-Newton since it was the oldest American Baptist seminary. ANTS sealed his ministry in New England. His first pastorate was the First Baptist Church of Grafton, which is now the Baptist Church of Grafton. This was a very successful ministry. Rocky connected well with this farming community. He worked with the people and local businesses to raise funds for extensive remodeling of the church building and building up the congregation. Recently the Baptist Church of Grafton celebrated his significant ministry.

After his ministry at Grafton, he was called to work with Pastor Alex Henderson as an Associate at First Baptist Church of Medford, Massachusetts, a large and growing church. He served there for 31/2 years and learned much from Pastor Henderson. There he also met Ronny Lanier , who was also on the staff at Medford. They also worked together throughout his time as the Executive Minister of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts. After his ministry at Medford, he was called to Central Square Baptist Church in suburban Portland, Maine, where he again had a successful ministry. Following that ministry he became the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island, where again the church grew and prospered with his leadership. He served there for 14 years. Rocky served successfully in rural, suburban and urban churches. In 1975, he was called as the Executive Minister of TABCOM. He served in this work until 1990. His greatest giftedness was in administration, budget building, and in personal relationship with people. He was the right person for the right time.

 Rocky is the final recipient of the Daniel Sharp Award. The large plaque will be placed in his home church, First Baptist Church of Worcester, for one year, and then placed permanently at the new offices of the American Baptist Churches in Massachusetts at Grotonwood, This is appropriate since he served well and faithfully as the Executive Ministry of TABCOM; and because of his calling to ministry at a Baptist church camp, he was not only supportive of camp ministry, but developed this ministry into a central ministry of TABCOM. The Daniel Sharp Award is given to an “affectionate and honorable Christian” in “a worthy and faithful ministry”. The award is named for the first President of the Conference of Baptist Ministers in Massachusetts.. The Conference was organized in 1829, and Daniel Sharp served as President for 24 years.Type your paragraph here.

2017 Daniel Sharp Award